LA Internships (Returning LAs only)

LA Internship Courses

Are you a returning LA who will be LA-ing in the upcoming semester? Here’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss! If you’ve successfully completed the LA seminar (with an A) and are returning to be an LA, there are two internships available for you to enroll in. These internships will be listed on your transcripts as a zero-credit (no fee required) course for employers or graduate schools to look at your involvement as an LA.

Depending on how long you have been working as an LA, you can apply to the following internships:

LA Internship 1 course  (SMT4946)


  • Worked as LAs for at least 1 semester (aka ‘Returning LAs’)
  • Currently work as a full time paid LA
  • Completed successfully (with an A) the LA seminar
  • Participated weekly and actively in planning meetings with the faculty-LA team
  • Faculty are very satisfied with your work and recommend your enrollment to the internship

Application and Enrollment 

When:  Fall and spring semesters only. We do not offer internships during the Summer. 

Applications are due:  The first Wednesday of the semester (prior to the add/remove date of each semester)

How to apply and enroll:

  1. Apply for the LA internship 1 course HERE. Make sure you submit the faculty information (faculty email address) as correctly as possible. If the information is incorrect, faculty will not be able to receive your application and they will not be able to approve it.
  2. After you have completed the application, your faculty will approve what you have submitted and a copy will be sent to the LA program (you may want to follow up with the faculty).
  3. The LA Program will review your application and if all requirements are met, you will receive a permission to enroll in the SMT 4946 course (enrollment is similar to any other course, once the permission has been given). Make sure to check your email frequently. 
  4. Enroll yourself to the course before the first Wednesday of the semester

You may enroll in the LA Internship 1 course every time you work as an LA. However, we encourage you to seek additional internships opportunities, such as Research Assistant positions, at FIU or internships in the industry. This way, you will explore different career pathways, job opportunities, and network and diversify your resume.

All applications and enrollment requests are due by the first Wednesday of the semester, before the add/drop date. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any requests after this time.

LA Internship 2  (SMT4944)

A special note to Returning LAs: 

Update to Internships Courses Application and Enrollment, July 2020

Hello Returning LAs, 

As you may know the LA Internship 2 course provides you with an opportunity to collaborate with your faculty and create a project that will align with your career goals.    

Due to COVID-19 and with your safety in mind, we have changed the application process to require online approval by the faculty rather than paper-based. You will still need to draft a project plan and discuss it with the faculty. We recommend that you schedule a 1-on-1 zoom session in order to brainstorm project options and discuss your career goals. More information can be found below and we are available to answer any questions at

Have you worked as an LA for more than 3 semesters and have previously enrolled in LA Internship 1? You may want to enroll in the LA Internship 2 course:


  • Be a paid Returning LA 
  • Worked as an LA for at least 3 semesters
  • Complete the Learning Assistant 1 Internship (SMT4946) course
  • Complete the LA seminar successfully (with an A)
  • Work as a full time LA this semester (e.g. attend all class sessions, planning meetings, outside class sessions, etc.)
  • Returning LAs that are interested in signing up for the LA Internship 2 course must meet with their LA faculty to discuss their plans and develop a proposal before applying to the LA Internship 2. You will be asked to provide answers to the following questions in the application. 

Typically, LA2 Interns take responsibilities such as:

  • Leading and running LA sessions outside class (at least 1-2 hours/week)
  • Co-leading LA planning meeting with faculty 
  • Developing materials under the guidance of your professor 
  • Testing and reviewing course materials 
  • Mentoring new LAs in your team, etc
  • Designing and participating in course research studies

When:  Fall and spring semesters only. We do not offer internships during the Summer.

Applications are due:  The first Wednesday of the semester. 

How to apply and enroll:

  1. Set up a zoom meeting or a phone call with your faculty and discuss the questions in this Guide. Note: The guide google link will allow you to create your own copy so please take notes for all questions. This will be useful when you submit the application as you can transfer what was written in the google doc to the application.
  2. Begin the application HERE. Following your submission, an automatic email will be sent to your faculty asking for their approval. It is important that you provide the correct faculty email address! Please follow up with your faculty. 
  3. Once your faculty approves your plan, the LA Program is notified and will review your application. If all requirements are met, you will receive permission to enroll in the SMT 4944 course (enrollment is the same as it would be for any other course).

If you have any questions please contact us at


Are there any course meetings?

There are no additional meetings beyond those included in your LA position.

How many times can I take the LA Internship?

Many LAs continue working for 3-4 semesters and can enroll in this course multiple times. We do recommend looking for additional opportunities such as research assistant positions and industry Internships to help you network and diversify your resume.

I work as an LA in the summer semester, can I enroll?

No, enrollment is open in fall and spring semesters only. 

Why do I need to submit this request?

Enrollment is for active returning LAs that completed successfully the LA seminar and are recommended by the faculty. With this request, you submit the approval by faculty and let us know that you are interested in enrolling. Next, we will enroll you or contact you with a permission number to enroll. Please make sure to check your fiu email daily.

I have a question, who can I contact?

Please email the LA program at