LA Hiring

Hiring Process

Welcome to the LA hiring process!

Here we will provide you with some useful information on how the hiring process works and what to expect. We recommend that you bookmark this page and come back to the Hiring Checklist if you have any questions during the hiring process. 

Before applying, we encourage you to express your interest in LA-ing to your faculty. The faculty will select and recruit their LA team. If you have any trouble with payroll or questions please contact HR at (305) 348-2181 or Ask HR. Thank you in advance for your patience with this process. 

If you have any other questions, please contact the LA program team at

We look forward to working with you.

Hiring Checklist

Applying to be an LA

✓ Express your interest in becoming an LA to your professor(s). 

Note: You can select more than one course and it doesn’t have to be your major. We recommend you select a course that you are interested in or did well in. You do not need to know the professor you are going to LA for.

✓ Apply to be an LA by filling the application here: New LA, HERE, or if returning, HERE.

Tip: When filling the application, provide an email that you frequently check. We recommend that once you submit your application, let your faculty know. 

✓ Check your email frequently for communication from your faculty and HR.

Note: If your faculty wants to hire you, you should hear this directly from the faculty and receive an email from HR to your student email. 

Congrats! You’ve been offered a position. What’s next?

✓ Complete and submit any hiring and on-boarding paperwork for HR. 

✓ Check your employee email for information related to your LA work.

Note: You will receive access to an employee portal and an employee email. Typically the email is like your student email but without the numbers (instead of, it will be This is the email that you must use to access canvas as an LA. Also, it should be used to contact your students.

✓ Enroll into one of the LA Seminar sections (SMT3931). The sections fill up quickly. 

Please note, this is a mandatory course for new LAs. We will have to cancel LA contracts for those not enrolled by the first Monday of the semester. 

✓ Check your access to the Canvas site for your LA course using your employee email

Note: Not all faculty use Canvas in their courses.

✓ If you are an international student, make sure to complete all required paperwork and contact the International Students Office of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) to see if there are any other documents you may need to complete. The hiring process can take 4-6 weeks so please plan ahead. We encourage you to join the LA Program!


Payment is arranged through the FIU payroll system. If you are new to the system, you must complete all required forms that will be sent by HR (the “sign on package”). We recommend that you complete this paperwork as soon as possible to ensure that you are paid on time. 

The paperwork is simpler for those already in the system. Full details are provided when your contract is active. And note that you must check your employee email / answer your phone in case we need more information to complete the process. 

Please note, If you are already an FIU employee your total hours cannot exceed 20 hours per week. You will be paid bi-weekly, typically LAs don’t have to input their hours.