What is the deadline for applying to become an LA?

There are no absolute deadlines for LA applications, but we begin sending LA applications to faculty around the middle of the semester. We recommend that you talk to faculty about your interest in becoming an LA and apply sooner rather than later. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

What classes can I be an LA for?

The courses participating in the LA program vary each semester. The program is expanding and more courses may be added. If you want to be an LA for a specific class you can ask the instructor directly if it’s possible.

Do I need to be enrolled as a student to work as an LA?

Yes, you need to be enrolled in at least 6 credits to be hired as an LA.

Can I have other employment at FIU?

You cannot work more than 20 total hours per week, including your work as an LA.

Can I tutor in the semesters that I work as an LA? 

Unfortunately, no. You cannot be paid to help your own students that attend the course that you are an LA for.  Having LAs in class is a service given to FIU students for free. As an LA, you are paid to support your students in class and outside of class and therefore you cannot charge your students for your time. Many of our LAs host LA-lead review sessions for upcoming exams. 

Is the LA program only for STEM classes?

The LA program focuses mostly on science and math classes but it’s not only for STEM discipline. We also have LAs in music and philosophy.

Can I be an LA for more than one course?

It’s on a case by case basis. Being an LA in 2 courses requires 16-20 hours of your time (double the time needed for one course).  You should be careful about adding 20 hours to your course load as it may affect your academic performance and your ability to graduate on time.

Can I be an LA for more than one semester?

Yes! There are many returning LAs who choose to be an LA for the same course more than once or for different courses. Keep in mind that you must apply each time you want to LA. 

Am I allowed to be a new LA if I cannot make it to the LA seminar?

Unfortunately, no. The LA seminar teaches LAs evidence-based teaching practices that are essential to facilitating active learning in the classroom. We aim to keep these times consistent every semester so that you can plan accordingly. This course is only required during the first semester of being an LA. 

Am I allowed to be a new LA in the summer? 

Unfortunately, no. New LAs must take the LA seminar at the same time during the first time they are LAing. The LA Seminar is not available during the summer term. 

If I’m interested in an LA Internship, how can I learn more? 

Please visit the LA internship page, HERE.

How do I get hired and paid?

Once LAs are chosen for a position we begin the hiring process. Please visit, the LA Hiring Process page, HERE.

What do I do if I’m a minor (Under the age of 18)?

If you are a minor (under the age of 18), you are to print an application and complete it manually. You must have your parent’s signature on the printed application. Also please contact us at

The PDF file of the new LA Application can be found HERE.

If you are a returning LA and are a minor that application can be found HERE.


To learn more, contact
LAs and students interested in teaching science in K-12 schools can contact Mara Zapata (FIUteach Associate Director) at 305-348-7683 or email More information on