Florida Consortium’s Learning Assistant Workshop 2018

In November 2018, we will be hosting the Florida Consortium’s Learning Assistant Workshop at Florida International University. Learning Assistants (LAs) are becoming increasingly popular in STEM and even some non-STEM departments around the country and are typically undergraduate students who are prepared to facilitate evidence-based instruction and disciplinary content. Learning Assistants help other students navigate and succeed in their introductory level courses. This program has played a major role in improving instruction and in inspiring STEM majors to explore teaching and develop strong critical thinking and communication skills.

The workshop is modeled after the national workshops held each year at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Because of the popularity of these workshops, the Learning Assistant Alliance organizes regional workshops. These workshops are designed for faculty, staff and administrators who are new to the idea of LAs, those getting started with an LA Program, and those who are expanding or sustaining an LA Program.

The Florida Consortium’s LA Workshop will begin on Saturday, November 17th and will end on Monday, November 19th. Focused broadly on STEM education, sessions will include: starting an LA Program, preparing and supporting LAs, using LAs in gateway courses, exploring culturally responsive teaching with LAs, and expanding and sustaining an LA Program. There will also be discussion panels, poster sessions, and opportunities to explore beautiful Miami.

Dates: Saturday 11/17 –  Sunday 11/18 with optional visits to active learning classrooms with LAs on Monday 11/19.

Location:  MMC Campus, Florida International University, Miami, Florida.

Registration: Please make sure to register before October 26th, 2018.

Workshop Agenda: Click here

Visit an LA-supported active learning classroom on Monday (November 19th): Check the options here

To submit an abstract for a poster and for information, click here 

Workshop contact: Jeannette Salazar at jsalaza@fiu.edu

Workshop Materials

  • Design time: Setting goals and next steps (please create a copy for your use)
  • Share your action plan (draft/outline of next steps) so we can continue the conversation – please send a link to Hagit Leshem at hkornrei@fiu.edu.  Feel free to add a list of questions that are left open; we will try our best to  answer and provide resources.