Funding your Learning Assistants – Provost LA Initiative

Transformative teaching with Learning Assistants (LAs)

In Fall 2015, the Provost announced a university wide initiative to support faculty to have learning assistants (LAs) in their course. The Provost LA Initiative endeavors to increase the use of LAs as a means to support evidence-based course transformation on campus as the university pushes towards continued support of all students. The LA program, a part of the STEM Transformation Institute, has been charged with the administrative operations of the Provost LA Initiative. 

 To learn more about LAs, the LA model and the LA program, click here

Faculty working with LAs are expected to…

  • integrate evidence-based pedagogy into their course
  • be responsible for recruiting and selecting team of LAs
  • meet weekly with their LA-Team (more information about this can be found here)
  • collect and share data about student outcomes with the program
  • participate in pedagogy-focused professional development 

Important Dates

The application is open year-round; however,  Initial funding will be considered for applications submitted on or before October 10th (for spring courses) and February 22nd (for summer and fall courses).  Applications submitted after these dates will be considered subject to availability of funds. 

How to Apply

We encourage faculty in all disciplines to apply for Provost LA Initiative funding. Please complete one application for each course that is requesting LAs. We encourage instructional teams to work together, however, each instructor must submit their own application. There are two types of applications:

New Application:  This application is for faculty who are new (2 semesters or less) to working with LAs OR for faculty who wish to add LAs to a new course. APPLY HERE, PDF

Renewal Application: This application is for faculty that have taught a specific course with LAs for more than 2 semesters and are currently requesting to renew the funding for LAs.  APPLY HERE, PDF